A house purchase contract means a written legal document which confirms that a buyer has bought a house or residential property from a dealer, seller, real estate agent etc for a specific sum of money. This gives the buyer full rights to the house and he is regarded as the new owner of the house. The contract mentions all the terms and conditions related to this and also has details of home loans, mode of payment etc.

Sample House Purchase Contract:

This house purchase contract is entered on July 13, 2011 by and between the following parties:


Name: Mitch Manners

Address: 82 Lake Shore, Florida

Phone number: 2395872364


Name: Erin Daniels

Address: 32 Sunny Valley, Florida

Phone number: 2394837365


Address: 82 Lake Shore, Florida

Purchase price: $75,000


  • The seller hereby agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to buy the above mentioned residential property including all the improvements, fixtures and furniture collectively referred to as the premises.
  • The buyer shall pay the seller a sum of $75,000 for the premises and shall from now on be regarded as the new owner of the house by getting all the rights of the premises.
  • The buyer has taken a home loan of $45,000 from the Bank of Housing Development at 8% interest rate and will be paying back the loan in instalments of minimum of $5,000 per month.
  • The seller agrees to deliver the house and the appliances, furniture in good condition.

Signature: Mitch Manners

Signature: Erin Daniels



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