A House Cleaning Services agency provides cleaning services to homes upon getting hired by a client in need of these services. A contract between a house cleaning services agency and a client is often mandatory so that all the tasks that are to be carried out by the agency that the client needs are all set out clearly.

The legally binding form between the house cleaning agency and the client, also called as the house cleaning services contract as a requirement has all the details of the agency and the client. The duties of the agency with regards to cleaning the house are then listed out in detail. Along with that, the details of the payment that is to be made to the agency are mentioned in the contract.

The ‘terms and conditions’ section of the house cleaning service contract mentions any other rules of conduct that the client requires to lay out for the members of the agency while they are performing the task in hand. Both the client and the agency will need to sign the contract, keep a copy of the contract with them and abide by the terms of the contract.

Sample House Cleaning Services Contract

House Cleaning Services Contract


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