A Hotel management contract is a contract which is made between the hotel authorities and an individual who is hired by the hotel as the hotel manager. This contract is formal in nature and must be framed in a particular way and method.

Sample Hotel management contract:

Hotel management contract code: 34/KL

Date of contract: 23rd June, 2012

This contract is made between two parties who are hereby referred to as OWNER and MANAGER. The owner owns the hotel named as Park Garden Hotel which is situated at 5, Wellington Street, New York.

The following are the specifications of the involved parties:


Name: Mr. Radcliff Barn

Address: 34-l, park villa, New York

Contact number: 4830948038305


Name: Mr. Tim Mathew

Address: 123, Greg Street, New Jersey

Contact number: 4739038950550

The OWNER hires the MANAGER to look after the overall management of the Hotel on the basis of the following obligations:

  • The MANAGER takes to the job on the condition that the OWNER does not hire any other party as manager for the specified period of time.
  • The OWNER agrees to pay the MANAGER on a monthly basis at the 1’St of each month throughout the period of contract.

Payment Details:

The MANAGER shall be paid an amount of $2000 per month in addition to add ons and perks such as living expenses and travelling allowances.

Term of contract:

The contract shall start on the 1st August, 2012 and will continue till 1st August, 2013.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms and validate the contract:

Radcliff Barn              Tim Mathew

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