Hotel management is an important part of the functioning and operations of any hotel.  This complex task can only be handled by someone who is experienced, has the proper managerial skills and the required experience.

Thus, hotels often hire specialists to handle hotel management and pay them for their services. In such situations, hotel management agreement contracts may be formed. These contracts work like employment contracts wherein the hotel owner employs an individual or a group for the managerial tasks of the hotel by paying a certain salary.

Hotel management agreement contracts are written documents which protect the owner and the manager against any violation of the terms of the contract and authorize each party to fulfill its part of the deal. This means that on signing of a hotel management agreement contract, the hotel owner must compulsorily make the payment to the manager and the manager must perform the managerial work.

The terms and conditions stated in such contracts must define the term of employment, the salary, the working hours, the work duties and the working days of the hotel manager. These terms should also state the role of the owner in the agreement contract.

Sample Hotel Management Agreement Contract


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