Hotel owners often hire managers to look after the day to day management of the hotel as well as its smooth functioning and administration. The hotel managers are hired by forming a contract which lists down the details of the discussion relating to their responsibilities and duties upon employment.

Such contracts are known as hotel management agreement contracts. A hotel management agreement contract is a legally binding document which cannot be violated by either the hotel owner or the manager. Such contracts are useful for the involved parties as they protect them and ensure that the other party does not cheat.

Hotel management agreement contracts consist of the various terms and conditions which define the roles and responsibilities of the hotel owner as well as the manager.

These terms also describe the duties of the manager and his/her number of working days, working timings etc. Such a contract must also give the details of the salary of the manager. Any hotel management contract should also give the names, contact numbers and the correspondence addresses of the owner and the hotel manager.  Upon violation of the clauses of such a contract, legal action is taken against the party which defaults.

Sample Hotel Management Agreement Contract:


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