A hotel franchise agreement is a legal as well as official document drafted when an individual or an organization decides to take the franchise of a famous group of hotels.  The details mentioned in the hotel franchise agreement include the address the location where the hotel will be built and also the standard rules that the franchise holder has to follow.

Sample Hotel franchise agreement

Hotel franchise agreement number: R 345

Agreement effective date: 5th of November 2011

This hotel franchise agreement has been drafted between Nathan Lee (the franchisee) with principal address being 45 Rain Maker Street, Now Land, New Finland and Dalton Group of Hotels (the franchisor) with corporate office located at 35 Cloud Maker Street, Now Land,  New Finland.

As per the contract Nathan Lee is supposed to be the franchise holder of Dalton Group of Hotels and has to fulfil the following terms and conditions:

  1. The hotel should be located at a tourist spot.
  2. The franchisee assures that the hotel will be built over a minimum area of 1 acre.
  3. The room tariff rates and the other charges will be at par with other hotels of the franchisor.
  4. The hotel should have facilities like games and health club, swimming pool, spa, multi cuisine restaurants so that it gets a five star rating.
  5. The profit will be shared on an equal percentage between the franchisee and the franchisor.

It is evident that the franchisee has agreed to the terms and conditions by putting his signature below:

Signature of franchisee:

Nathan Lee

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