A horse training contract is a document made between the owner of a horse and a horse trainer. The contract contains details like the amount paid by the owner to the trainer, the number of days the training will take place per week and the details of services provided by the trainer.

Sample Horse Training Contract:

This contract is being drafted between Julia Moore, the Trainer and Sandy Bale, the Owner of the horse.

Remuneration and services:

In exchange for the fee of $1000 per month paid by the Owner in advance at the beginning of each month, the Trainer will train the horses from the date of 20th November, 2010 for the next three months. The training time will be of three hours per day and the services of the trainer include feeding the horses.

Owner’s address: 5624 Nepean Street, Hollywood.

Los Angeles 65241.

Phone Number: +01-65489327

Horse’s Description:

Age: six years  Sex: Male

Registration number: RT56213

Height: 178 centimeters Weight: two hundred pounds

Color: Brown

The trainer also promises to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • The trainer will make sure that the horse is vaccinated at the right time and make a list of the kind of vaccinations required by the horse.
  • The trainer should chalk out a diet plan for the horse and the horse needs to be fed at the right time with the right quantity of food.
  • If any emergency treatment is needed, the trainer will bear the expenses which will be later compensated by the owner.

Trainer:                                                                                  Owner:

Julia Moore                                                                          Sandy Bale

Dated: 18th November,2010                                       Dated: 18th November,2010

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