A horse purchase contract is a document that is made when an interested BUYER purchases a horse from the owner or the SELLER. This document lists down those conditions which have to be followed by both the parties in order to avoid any kind of legal hassles.

Sample horse purchase contract

This contract is made between SELLER and the BUYER.

This contract is made effective on the date: 15th Feb, 2011

Details of the SELLER

Name: Mr. George Michael

Address: 12-P, first floor, Paul district, CA

Phone: 4789587940596

Details of the BUYER

Name: Mr. Andrew Ponting

Address: WR-7, Ground floor, Mainland building, CA

Phone: 478392854095

Details of Horse

Registered name of horse: Jack

Registration number: R-567#2

Sex: male

Breed: Barb

Color and markings: Light brown in color with golden stripes on the back and near the ears. Black spots can be seen on the legs and on the face near the left eye.

Purchase price: $400

Possession date: 1st March, 2011

The entire amount has to be paid on the date of possession through VISA credit card.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract which have to be followed by both the parties:

  • The SELLER agrees to sell the horse to the BUYER in return for a purchase price.
  • The BUYER agrees to make the payment on the possession date.
  • The SELLER has to make sure that the horse is well injected against possible diseases and infections.
  • The SELLER must present all registration papers to the BUYER.


George Michael              Andrew Ponting

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