A horse lease contract is a legal document which is entered between the owner of the horse and the person who wish to hire the horse on lease for some particular reasons. This type of contract mention the details of the horse, rent and other terms and conditions.

Sample Horse Lease Contract:

This horse lease contract is drawn and entered between Mr. Ashton Carter of 335 Main Street, Downtown County of Manytown, state of Maryland hereafter referred as the owner of the horse & Mr. Bradley Whites of 555 Central park street, down town, State of Maryland hereinafter referred as the Lessee of the horse.

Mr.Ashton Carter the owner of the horse agrees to lease “Big Jerry” his horse apprised at $ 25000.00 to Mr. Bradley Whites.

Details of the Horse to be leased:

  • Name of the horse : Big Jerry
  • Approximate age of the horse : 5 years
  • Color: Brown
  • Height: 16.5 hands
  • Breed: XYZ breed
  • Other distinguish features: none
  • Registration nos. if any: none

Terms and Conditions to be agreed by both the parties:

  • The term of this lease shall begin on 1st December 2010 and shall be dismissed on 22nd December 2010.
  • Mr. Bradley Whites (Lessee) shall pay fee of $ 35000.00 to Mr. Ashton Carter (Owner) as a security deposit
  • The lessee will have to pay a monthly rent of $500 on before 5th of each month to the horse owner.
  • The lessee cannot use the horse in activities like breeding, cross country hopping and others without the prior consent of the owner.
  • Mr. Ashton Carter (Owner) promises and guarantees that said horse is fit and thoroughly examined by Vet.

Both parties shall validate the contract

Owner: Mr. Ashton Carter

Sign: ______________________________

Lessee name: Mr. Bradley Whites

Sign: __________________________

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