A home sales contract identifies the home to be sold by the seller (house owner) to the buyer. Such contract is prepared on certain term & conditions by deciding the total price of the property.

Sample Home Sales Contract:

House No: 34/ H

Date of contract: October 20th, 2010                         Contract Number: 123 HE

The seller Mr. Roger Hamilton is interested to sell the house no. 34/H located at Indiana Street, Jonas Market, in front of Landmarks, Toronto, Canada to Mr. Patrick Smith at the committed terms & conditions ich are stated in this contract.

Hereinafter the home owner will be referred as the seller and the second party will be known as the buyer.

Hereby, this agreement is effective from October 23rd, 2010.

Following given are the term & conditions for this contract:

(a) Purchase Price:

The total home purchase price to be paid to the seller is as following:

Initial Break up price: $ 4560

Taxes: $ 456

The total Price to be paid by the buyer: $ 105016 inclusive of the basic amount of $ 10000.

(b) Obligations of the buyer:

After paying the initial amount, the buyer will transect the full amount on October 22nd, 2010 at the time of nominee transfer. After this process, the buyer will be considered as the new owner of the home.

(c) Seller’s Obligations:

The seller will transfer the full rights in the name of the buyer and will receive the full committed amount. The seller has to give a money receiving slip to avoid monetary confusion.

(d) Termination:

As per the commitment, if the buyer is interested to terminate the contract, he will receive 85% of the amount after handing over the home papers to the owner.

Hence, both parties are requested to sign the bond to confirm the acceptance of this home sales contract:

Signature of the Seller:

Rodger Hamilton

Signature of the buyer:

Patrick Smith

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