A home sales contract template is a readymade document which is used when the owner of the home sells his property to the buyer. This contract mentions all the details of the home and the other terms and conditions of the contract which is agreed by the seller and the buyer.

Sample Home Sales Contract Template:

Home No: [mention the house number]

Contract Number:  ___ [write the number assigned by the solicitor]

This home sales contract is entered into ___/ ____/ ____ [date on which the contract was prepared] commenced by and between seller ____________ [name of the house owner], hereinafter referred as the seller AND ____________ [name of the purchaser] hereinafter known as the Buyer. Here the seller is interested to sell off his house, whereas the buyer wants to buy the property.

This contract is commencing on ___/ ___/ ___ [date from which this document is effective]

Underneath mentioned are the agreed clauses by both the parties:

(a) Payment Terms:

The Buyer has committed to make a payment of _______ [price in National currency]

Whereas the total fees and taxes are included in this total payment, the buyer party will make the pending payment of _______ [amount] to the seller party after completing the nomination of documents.

(b) Seller’s Obligations:

The seller will attend all the court attempts and will receive the payment from the buyer after signing the power of attorney on the name of the buyer. Henceforth, the seller will have no right over the home.

(c) Termination:

The duration of termination of this contract is ten days. If the buyer initiates an issue and wants to break the contract, this will be known as the termination of the contract.

Therefore, after understanding the above mentioned term & conditions, both parties will sign the contract:

Signature of the Seller:


Signature of the Buyer:


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