A home repair contract is a contract between a Home repair company and the client who wants to avail the services. It spells out various rights and responsibilities of both the parties and acts as a record for future reference.

Sample Home Repair Contract

Company Details:

Contractor: Henry Clark (J&H group)

Office Address: 4, Blue Lane West, Liverpool

Phone: 498083796890

Email: Jhgroup@gmail.com

Customer Details:

Name: Mr. Jim Tales

Address of home for repair: 23, second floor, East Ridge road, Liverpool

Phone: 490893083938

Email: tales2@gmail.com

This contract comprises of repairing only the master bedroom, the attached bathroom and the gallery.

Effective Date: 13’Th November, 2010

Estimated time: 2 Months

Payment Details:

Cost covering the bedroom: $500

Cost covering the bathroom: $300

Cost covering the gallery: $200

Other costs: $200

Total cost: $1200

Here the other costs include transportation costs and extra time working costs.

Amount to be paid in advance: $400

Amount to be paid at the end of repair work: $800

The company and the client agree to the following conditions:

  • The client shall not hire or employ any other company or individual to work on the repair of the agreed areas of the house during the period of contract.
  • If the company fails to complete the work on time, it shall be faced with cutting the cost to be paid at the end.
  • The working hours should be decided among both the parties on every day on convenience basis.
  • The company must provide with good workmanship and the work must be of good, satisfactory quality.


Jim Tales             Henry Clark

Client                   J&H group

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