A home appliance service contract is legal document drafted when an individual assigns a technician to check, repair or maintain the electrical appliances used at his home. A per the contract, either the technician referred as the service provider comes to the home of the individual referred as the customer or the customer takes his appliances to the shop of the service provider.

Sample Home Appliance Service Contract

Home Appliance Service Contract Number: 52JH

This contract has been drafted and entered into on 12th of March, 2011 between John Nash referred to as the service provider and the client Ted Mosby to provide service to maintain and repair all the electrical home appliances of the customer.

The personal details of both the parties are mentioned below:

Service Provider:

John Nash

Office address: 5212 Long Way Drive,

New York, New Jersey 4512.

Telephone number: +41-45123265

Email id: john12@gmail.com


Ted Mosby

Residential address: 7894 High Street

New York, New Jersey 4545.

Telephone number: +41-89451234

Fax number: +41-741258965

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are:

  1. The service provider has to pay a visit to the customer’s home and provide service.  In case of emergency the customer can visit the service provider’s office address.
  2. The client has to pay the service provider a monthly remuneration of $2000. In case there are new appliances, the service charge will be extra.
  3. The service provider has to look after the maintenance of all the home appliances at the client’s residence.

In agreement to above terms, find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the service provider:                                                  Signature of the client:

John Nash                                                                                           Ted Mosby

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