A hall rental contract is an agreement that is made between the owner of the hall and the person who wants to rent the hall for a specified duration of time. This document consists of the terms and conditions based on which the contract is mutually signed by both the parties.

Sample hall rental contract

This hall rental contract is made effective on the date: 1’St Feb, 2011

This hall rental contract is made between two parties whose details are given as following:

Details of the OWNER

Name: Mr. Richard Kippling

Phone: 4873095830955

Address: 23-K, West gate building, London

Details of the RENTER

Name: Mr. Mathew Adam

Phone: 4789374893599

Address: F-5, Farm road, London

Address of Hall: R-4, Kippling halls, London

Duration of contract: 1 day

Timings of party to be hosted at hall: 10am to 6 pm

Date of hall usage: 1’St March, 2011

Total rental charge: $300

Details of the hall: The hall can accommodate 100 people and there is marked space available for eating purpose. There has been a small stage set up and necessary lighting arrangements have been made.

Terms and conditions:

  • The RENTER shall take care of using the hall in such a way that it remains away from damage or misuse.
  • The OWNER shall not interfere during the contract period in the matters of hall usage.
  • The RENTER shall pay the rental charge before the starting of the contract.
  • The RENTER shall return back the hall well within time and any extra time taken will be charged extra.


Richard Kippling     Mathew Adam

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