A Hair salon wedding contract is a contract between two parties one being the client and the other being the Hair stylist. This is signed for availing the service of hair style at the wedding. This contract defines the schedules, payment terms, and conditions etc of the hair stylist with the client. It also includes some of the regulations of the stylist in terms of time and space requirements, etc. Below is a sample Hair salon wedding contract given for any further reference.

Sample Hair Salon Wedding Contract:

The contract is entered into on the 14th of August 2013 between the Hair stylist and the client, on account of bridal hairstyle on the wedding day. The client agrees upon the conditions listed by the hair stylists to avail the service.

Name of the Bride : Bianca

Address of the bride: 50 Bayswater Road

London, W2 4RT

Tel: 00 44 (0) 277 229 1212

Location of the event: 15 Carburton Street,

London, W1P 8EE

Tel: 00 44 (0) 400 300 11666.

Date of the Wedding: 15th September 2010

Address of Hair Salon: 11 Holland Park Street,

London, W11 4UL

Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 2888 4488

Terms of Service:

  • Time when the hair needs to be done has to be specified, and the bride shall be available 2 hours prior to the specified time.
  • The hair stylist needs to be provided a comfortable dressing space, with racks and electrical plug points.
  • The hair style of the bride will be as agreed in the trial session. If any changes, it shall be charged additionally.
  • Non- refundable advance of 130£ shall be paid at the time of “bridal hair style trial” session and balance shall be paid on the wedding day, before the service.

Signature of the Hair Salon Representative:                                       Signature of the Client:

Antonio Maria                                                                                           Bianca

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