A gym franchisee contract is a legal document drafted when a person takes the franchise of a popular chain of gyms. The contract is made to prove that both the parties have agreed mutually to follow the terms and conditions.

Sample Gym Franchise Contract:

This contract is being entered on the date of 12th February 2011 between Mr. Roger Moore, residing at 52 James Wood Street, New York, New Jersey 5214 and Gold’s Gym with head office at 41 Aspen High Road, New York, New Jersey 5225 to open a franchise of Gold’s Gym at the following address:

85 Junior Road,

New York, New Jersey 8512.

The following terms and conditions set by both the parties have to be obliged:

  1. The gym should have a minimum area of 2000 sq feet. There should be a sauna and a steam bath attached with the gym. The instruments should be changed once in two years. There should be facilities for aerobics and yoga too.
  2. The investment required for the infrastructure should be borne completely by the franchise holder. No expenses will be paid by Gold’s Gym.
  3. The franchise holder has to pay Gold’s Gym an amount of $100000 as licensing fees.
  4. The gym should be operational twenty fours a day, six days a week.
  5. There should be at least ten gym instructors.

Both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions and are thus putting their signature below:

Signature of franchisee holder:                                             Signature of the gym group:

Roger Moore                                                                                     John Woo

(CEO, Gold’s Gym)

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