Green Energy Investment Contract are contracts where two or more than two parties invest in mutual funds, stocks etc. for the conservation and improvement of environment. This can alternate from energy technology companies to companies having the best environmental practices.

Sample Green Energy Investment Contract:-

Contract no: – GHL/34

This contract is made between

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

New York, United States of America


Canadian Electric Power Corporation

Toronto, Ontario


  • U.S. Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure aims at renewing, improving and enhancing their energy power generation capacity
  • Canadian Electric Power Corporation wishes to develop, construct and expand a 400 MW solar generation projects in New York.

The parties entered into a memorandum on 23rd June 2010, to understand and negotiate on the on the projects under certain facts.


All the mention of the money will be in the lawful currency of United States of America.


It will be divided in to 8 phases and a committee comprising of 8 members will be formed.


  • All the cost of construction will be shared by both the ministries.


The energy production will be utilized by United States of America wholly and solely.


Canadian government has the right to choose the place according to its needs.


  • Canadian Corporation will require all the necessary approvals from the respective government departments of United States Government.
  • It’s the duty of ministry of New York to ensure that all the necessary permissions are granted.

Acceptance of all the above mentioned terms validates the agreement.

Signature of Ministry Of New York

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

Signature of Canadian Electric power Corporation

Assigned Authority

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