Graphic design service contract is one that is entered between two parties for the purpose of graphic designing. This type of contract is entered between a client who wishes to hire the designing services and the service provider who may be a person or an organisation who wishes to offer the services. The contract specifies important clauses such as fees, kind of graphic designing required, copyrights, termination of contract clause etc.

Sample Graphic Design Service Contract:

Graphic design service contract number: HY- 26

Effective date of contract: January 17th, 2010.

This contract is an authorized document entered between Doris Designs Company, hereafter known as the service provider and HJK Software Limited, hereafter known as the client.

Address of the Service Provider:

Address: 12-K, Lake Town,

Surrey, Canada

Phone Number: 673-5967-9870


Address of the Client:

Official Address: 316- New Block Road, Commercial Wing,

Surrey, Canada.

Business Phone:  6245- 230- 6780

This Graphic design service contract is valid from January 27th, 2010 and terminating on January 27th, 2012.

As per the contract, the service provider will offer graphic designing services to the client as per their requirements.

Below are the workings promises and conducts which the service provider is suppose to follow during the tenure of this contract

(a) The service provider company agrees to provide graphic designing as specified by the client company in all respects without any copyright violations.

(b) Service provider promises to provide the graphic design along with a blue print which will be kept confidential; and not shared with any third company under any circumstance.

(c) Client has agreed to pay a sum of $3000 per month to the service provider for creating graphic designs as per client’s requirements.

(d) Any violation to the mentioned terms and conditions will terminate the contract.

Signature of the MD, Doris Designs:

Cara Doris

Signature of MD, HJL Software Limited:

Peter McGrew

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