A government training contract is a document that is made between two parties known as the TRAINER who provides training to government workers and the GOVERNMENT who pay the institute to train their employees. This document is legal in nature and violation of the terms and conditions that are mentioned in it can result in legal implications.

Sample government training contract:

This agreement is made effective on the date:  23rd Jan, 2011

This agreement is entered into by two parties known as TRAINER and GOVERNMENT with the following details:

Details of the TRAINER

Name: Mr. Greg Lawson (Manager of Rail training institute)

Address of institute: Hemingway Street, second floor-3, London

Phone: 4738589457895

Details of the GOVERNMENT

Name: Mr. Mark Ralph (head executive, Railways)

Phone: 4739840934689

This contract is made so that the TRAINER can train government employees for a particular knowledge of the routes and functions of people in the railway department.

The total cost of the training: $1000

Starting date of training: 1st March, 2011

Duration of contract: 6 months

The following are the terms and conditions which have to be followed by both the parties

  • The TRAINER agrees to provide training to 50 employees each month for duration of 6 months.
  • The GOVERNMENT agrees to make the payment in two equal parts to be paid before and after the training is complete.
  • The TRAINER agrees to provide knowledge in each aspect of the department to polish the trainees completely.
  • The GOVERNMENT can send employees to inspect classes randomly without informing the training institute.


Greg Lawson              Mark Ralph

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