A government consulting contract is a written document that is made when a COMPANY hires a CONSULTANT to provide government related consulting services. This document contains terms and conditions based on which the parties involved mutually agree upon the contract and sign it.

Sample government consulting contracts

This contract is made effective on the date of: 12th Feb, 2011

This contract is made by and among two parties called CONSULTANT and COMPANY.

The details of both the involved parties are given as follows


Name: Mr. Paul Greg

Address: 3DF-8, First floor, Hill road, London

Phone: 473985789590

The CONSULTANT works independently as a government consultant and provides services related to governmental consultancy.

Details of COMPANY

Name: Mathew International Limited owned by Mathew Reynolds.

Official address: 456-K, ridge street, London

Phone: 4789237495598

Duration of contract: 12 months

Payment amount: $1500

Date of commencement: 1’St March, 2011

Equal payment cheques shall be given to the CONSULTANT every month within the first week.

The following are the terms of the contract

  • The CONSULTANT shall perform his duties in a non biased manner.
  • The CONSULTANT shall do his best to provide services in such a way that it benefits the COMPANY.
  • The COMPANY shall pay the CONSULTANT on time and through cheques.
  • The CONSULTANT shall work in a non exclusive manner so that no other company or third party can make use of his advisory or services.
  • The COMPANY has full right accept or deny the proposals offered by the CONSULTANT.


Paul Greg              Mathew Reynolds

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