A government construction contract is a legally binding document wherein the government contracts out a construction project to a Construction Company. The contract mentions the terms and conditions of the construction work which make functioning easier.

Sample Government Construction Contract

Government Construction Contract

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This contract is being contracted out by the government to Mr. Justin Connelly. The contract is signed on 1st April 2010 with effect from 5th April 2010. The service required is construction of housing facility.

Date of Commencement: 5th April 2010

Date of Completion: 30th December 2010

Details of the Constructor/ construction Co.:

Name: Mr. Justin Connelly

Official address: Prescott Road, St. Helens, WA2, London, UK

Contact No.: 240 451- 9209

Details of government office:

Office: Social Services Department

Physical Address: 23 Cornwall Buildings, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Office no.: 209 433- 5635

Details of Construction Site:

Address- 45 Edinburg, EH1, United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions to be complied:

  1. The construction work must be completed on/ before the date decided as the date for completion of the project.
  2. Violation of contract will be legally punishable offence
  3. Any delay in completing construction work on time due to inefficiency of constructor leads to a monetary penalty on him/ her.
  4. The service fee paid will be that disclosed in the tender.
  5. The government will pay for all the services and construction material partially before commencement and rest after completion.
  6. The construction work must comply with all the laws/ norms relating to housing construction.

Signature of the parties involved:

_______________________                                                       ________________________

Authorized signatory                                                                     Mr. Justin Connelly

Mr. Michael Pattison

Social Services

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