A general tenancy contract is a legal document drafted whenever an individual who is the owner of a property gives that property on rent to another individual. The owner of the property is referred to as the landlord where as the individual renting the property is known as the tenant. A general tenancy contract also acts as documentary evidence and clears any dispute arising between the tenant and the owner.

Sample General Tenancy Contract

This tenancy contract is a legal and binding document which has been registered on 10th of March 2011 between Tiger Woods, the property owner and Mike Tyson, the tenant. The document holds the tenant responsible for the payment of rental amount for the apartment he is taking on rent, which is owned by the owner. The address of the apartment is:

52 High End Road,

North Dakota, South Carolina 5214.

As per the contract:

  1. The tenant has to pay a monthly rent of $3000. Consecutive failure of the rent amount for two months will lead to cancelation of the contract.
  2. The tenant does not need to pay any extra amount for using the fixtures and furniture in the property. But, if any of the fixtures or furniture gets damaged, the tenant has to pay the damage charges.
  3. The tenant is not permitted to assign the possession of the property or sublet it to any other individual.

In agreement to the above terms, find the signature of both the parties have put their signature below:

Signature of the owner                                              Signature of the tenant

Tiger Woods                                                                       Mike Tyson

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