A general service contract agreement is an agreement which is drafted when one party provides services to another party. The term general service indicates the situation when a general service is required by the client and so he hires a service provider to provide the services in exchange for a fixed payment. These types of agreements contain the details of the parties involved and terms and conditions which are agreed between them.

Sample General Service Contract Agreement

This service contract agreement has been made between the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER. The CLIENT agrees to hire the SERVICE PROVIDER for providing cleaning services to the CLIENT’s hotel for a fixed period of time. The other details of this contract are given as follows.

Date of contract signing: 28th June 2013.

Date of expiry of the contract: 30th June 2015.

Details of the client:

Name: Jason Hotels Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. John Camper

Designation: Senior Manager, Jason Hotels Ltd.

Contact No.: 0958209856

Details of the service provider:

Name: No Mess too Messy Cleaners

Signatory: Mr. Henry Gomez

Designation: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 0158456378

Details of the hotel:

Name: The Romero, Jason Hotels Ltd.

Location: 3rd and Mains, Madison Square Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Agreement Terms and Conditions:

25. The parties involved are bound by the terms of this contract. Any violation on part of either party is punishable by law.

26. The service provider will be made the regular yearly payments on 1st July of every year. If the payments are not made on time, then the service provider holds the right to demand compensation fee.

27. The cleaning requirements and arrangements are as discussed by the parties in advance.

28. The contract period begins on the 1st of July 2013, and expires on the above mentioned date.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. John Camper                           Mr. Henry Gomez


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