Whenever an individual takes an apartment that is furnished owned by another individual on lease, a legal document is drafted which is known as the furnished apartment lease contract. This document acts as evidence in case of any issues arising during contract period between both the parties as the terms and conditions to be followed are mentioned in the document.

Sample Furnished Apartment Lease contract

Furnished apartment lease contract number: FA 56

This contract has been drafted and entered into on 20th November 2011 between Ran For referred to as the lessor and Walk Here referred to as lessee.

Details of lessor:

Residential address: 56 Tango Charlie Street

Kansas, California.

Telephone number: 678934

Details of lessee:

Residential address: 34 Henry Kumar Street

Kansas, California.

Telephone number: 678956

As per the contract the lessor has agreed to give his furnished apartment on lease to the lessee.

Details of the apartment:

Address: Victoria Towers

24 Harold White Street

Kansas, California.

Area: 1200 Square feet

Furniture included: Table, wardrobe, cupboard, bed, centrally air conditioned, chairs, fireplace, cabinet and shelves.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The monthly rental amount for the apartment is $3000 and the lessee has to pay three months rent in advance and also the security deposit which is an amount of $10000.
  2. The lessee assures that he will cause no damage to the furniture and ensure that they are cleaned at least once a month. In case any damaged is caused, the compensation amount will be deducted from the lessee’s security deposit.

Signature of lessor:                                                            Signature of lessee:

Ran For                                                                 Walk Here

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