A freelance development contract is a type of a contract which is made between a freelancer and a client who hires the freelance developer for a certain period of time or for a certain fixed project work. These contracts lay down all those terms and conditions which describe the obligations of both the parties and the roles they have to play till the contract is in effect. The following is a sample of a freelance development contract which can be referred to by anyone for help.

Sample freelance development contract:

This contract has been made by and between the CLIENT and the FREELANCE DEVELOPER. The CLIENT is hiring the FREELANCE DEVELOPER for the development work of a website for the CLIENT’S business.

Details of the parties have been given as follows:

Details of CLIENT:

Name of client: Mr. Tim Black

Contact number: 4830835023

Official address: A-90, second floor, Tim tower, London


Name of the freelance developer: Mr. Jack Dawson

Contact number: 4720493750

Residential address: 34-P, first floor, mark street, London

Details of the project:

The CLIENT owns a sports goods store in London and wants the FREELANCE DEVELOPER to develop a website for the same.

Commencement date of contract: 4th July 2013

Termination date of contract: 4th September 2013

Total payment: $500

The terms and conditions of the contract have been given as follows:

The CLIENT agrees to use the services of the FREELANCE DEVELOPER for a period of 2 months by paying the above mentioned price at the termination of the contract.

The FREELANCE DEVELOPER agrees to develop the website for the CLIENT as per the specifications and details given.

The CLIENT agrees to make the full payment at the end of the contract.

The FREELANCE DEVELOPER can take up more work during the course of the contract.


Tim Black

Jack Dawson

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