The free vendor contract is a binding legal contract made between two parties, one whom is a company or an organization while the other party is a vendor who wishes to offer their services to the organization. The free vendor contract consists of various terms and conditions that will enable the organization to hire the said vendor for the said services.

Sample free vendor contract

Vendor number: XL/11BN5/2011

Effective Date of contact:  November 23rd, 2011.

This contract is an official agreement that contains legal terms and conditions for facilitating the hiring of a vendor to provide certain services to the organization Mack and Mckinsey.

Whereas the organization is located at

Mack and Mckinsey

Address: 806 North Street,

Ocean City NJ 08226

Phone: (609) 814-5000

Whereas the vendor is located at

Bellevue 7

Address: 117 North 34th Street,

Camden NJ 08105

Phone: (856) 365-1315

Following terms and conditions are important aspect of the free vendor contract and need to be followed:

  • Offering:

The vendor “Bellevue 7” will be required to provide the organization “Mack and Mckinsey” with the spare parts as mentioned in Section 3 of the agreement. The vendor has to ensure that the spare parts are of high quality and they are delivered on time. If the spare parts are unable to meet the standards set by “Mack and Mckinsey” then the contract will be terminated.

  • Payment:

“Mack and Mckinsey” will make a payment of $500,000 towards the delivery of the first lot of spare parts on the desired date of 01st December 2011. An advance is being made to the vendor for $200,000 and the rest of the payment will be made on delivery.

  • Termination:

Any breach of contract by the vendor will lead to immediate termination of the contract and “Mack and Mckinsey” will issue a written notice to the vendor 15 days prior to termination.

Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Signature on behalf of the Organization:

James Cage / Mack and Mckinsey

Signature on behalf of the Vendor:

Zico Alvarez / Bellevue 7

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