A free separation contract is a legal document which is drafted when a couple files for legal separation from each other as per the marital laws of the state or the country. When these types of contracts are available for free of cost they are known as free separation contract. These contracts include the details of the couple, their children and other related details of the marriage.

Sample Free Separation Contract

Separation contract number: FS 34

Effective date of contract: 10th of June 2011

This separation contract has been drafted between Lisa Kay referred to as the wife and John Kay referred to as the husband as they have filed for a separation under the Marital Laws of the State of New Jersey.

The husband and wife were married on 23rd of January 2010 in the state of New Jersey and were staying together till 1st of June 2011 at the following address:

22nd Skyrise Apartment,

Square Street,

New York, New Jersey, 4569.

Details of the husband:

Residential address: 34 Square Street

New York, New Jersey 4567

Contact number: 729067

Mobile number: 345678

Occupation: Professional

Details of the wife:

Residential address: 34 Square Street

New York, New Jersey 4567

Contact number: 729045

Mobile number: 345667

Employment status: Self employed

The terms and conditions agreed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The husband is not liable to pay any form of settlement amount or compensation to the wife.
  2. The residence in which the couple was staying during their married life will be sold off and the amount received from it will be shared equally between both the partners.

Signature of the husband:                                                                      Signature of the wife:

John Kay                                                                                                                  Lisa Kay

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