A free sample employment contract is a legal commitment between the employee and the employer, in order to exchange their services through monetary benefits.

Sample Free Sample Employment Contract

Employment Contract Number:  W- 120

Date of issue: October 11th, 2010

This contract is valid from October 20th, 2010 ending on October 20th, 2012.

Contact Details of the Employer (individual/ organization):

Name of the employer:  Eastwood Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.

Location: 34-C, New Lane

Ottawa, Canada

Contact Number: 6907 603 3904

Official URL: www.eastwoodmilkprodcuts.com

Contact Details of the Employee:

Name: Ms. Tina Smith

Residential Address: W- 12/ B- 6, Blue Lake Apartments,

New York, America.

Phone: 5904 580 4802

E- Mail id: tinasmith@gmail.com

Hereby, Eastwood Milk Products Pvt. Ltd is willing to hire the services of Ms Tina Smith in the department of Quality Control on the designation of Manager- Quality Records. This contract is valid for two years from the date of joining.

Following are the employer & employee Covenant & Terms:

(a)Job Responsibilities: The employee has to be true to the assigned work duties and responsibilities in order to prove the work efficiency and to benefit the employer. The list of duties will be used on the joining day.

(b) Salary & Benefits:

Basic Monthly Salary: $ 4500

Total Monthly Profits: $ 567

Others: $ 345

Net Salary: $ 5412/-

(c) Termination: If the performance is found unsatisfactory and behaviour of the employee recorded guilty, this contract can be dissolved during the tenure.

(d)Certifications: On the Successful completion of tenure, the employ will receive a reward certification from the employer.

Therefore, both the parties are signing the agreement with the best of their knowledge:


Signature of the Employer:                                           Designation of the Authorized Appointment:

Joan Hennery                                                                                General Manager

Signature of the Employee:

Tina Smith

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