A free sales contract is a type of a sales contract which is available for free of cost over the internet. A free sales contract is a contract or a formal agreement which is made between a purchaser and a seller or a certain good or goods. These contracts are legally binding in nature which means that they have a few terms and conditions which are to be followed by the parties to avoid any kind of legal implications. Given below is a sample of a free sales contract which can be used by anyone for the purpose of reference.

Sample Free Sales Contract:

This contract has been made effective on 12th Dec 2011

Termination date of contract: 12th Dec 2012

This contract has been made between the following parties:


Name: Mr. Raymond Henry

Official address: 4-U, Dexter tower, LA

Contact number: 409234709329


Name: Mr. Tim Fredrick

Address: D-78, first floor, Paulo enclave, LA

Contact number: 47394730293

Details of sales:

The SELLER manufactures Cosmetic products by the brand name of ‘Fair and beautiful’ and agrees to sell of products with following codes to the BUYER for 12 months on contract basis.

Item codes: 4/l, 5/H, 5/f5/g

Terms and conditions:

  • The SELLER must deliver products within 2 week of ordering by the BUYER.
  • The BUYER must make the payment for the products within a week after order is received.
  • All products which are not as per order or are faulty in any way shall be returned back to the SELLER.


Raymond Henry

Tim Fredrick

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