A free residential construction contract is a legal document based on the official terms and certain lawsuits. Such contract is made between a house owner and a construction organization.

Sample Free Residential Construction Contract

Contract Number: 67- H

Effective Date: October 3rd, 2010

This residential construction contract is drafted by between Ms. Linda Timberlake, hereinafter is considered as “Lessee” AND Bright Way Construction Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter treated as” The Contractor”

Contact Details of the Lessee:

13- H, Park Avenue Street

Ontario, Canada

Contact Details of the Constructor:

45/ B, Baker Street,

Ontario, Canada

Website: www.brightwayconstructions.com

According to the requirement, this contract is valid from October 25th, 2010  and is terminating on May 25th, 2011.

Underneath are the clauses to work for both the parties:

(a) Payment Terms:

The total amount of $ 67000 is committed to complete the contraction project, where $ 35000 will be paid in advance and the rest money after completing the project.

(b) Core & Conducts:

The constructor has to follow the defined rules for completing the constructor project. The constructor will be responsible if any kind of issue occur during and after the construction.

(c) Expenses:

Any kind of expenses payment will not be reimbursed by the constructor if some loss occurs during the tenure.

(d) Termination:

Any kind of violation to the above mentioned clauses will results to the termination of this contract. The tenure cannot be increased if the constructor is not able to complete the construction on time.

Contract Acceptance by both the parties:

Name of the Contractor:

Lind Timberlake

Name of the Authorized Person from the constructor:

Jenny Grant

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