A free rental contract is a rental contract which is made by and between a person who owns an asset or entity which it to be rented to another party or person for a fixed period of time and for a certain amount of rental charge. These contracts are available for free over the internet and that it why they are termed as free rental contracts. Any such contract consists of certain terms and conditions which are legally binding in nature and must not be violated. Given below is a sample of a free rental contract which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Free Rental Contract:

This rental contract has been made effective as on the effective date of 5th May 2012

This rental contract shall remain into effect for 12 months and will terminate on 5th May 2013

This rental contract is formed by and between the OWNER of the property and the RENTER.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Name: Henry Black

Contact number: 47634027303

Official address: A-78, second floor, Hugh enclave, LA


Name: Robert Patrick

Contact number: 47309303030

Address: W-3, fifth avenue street, LA

The OWNER agrees to rent a property situated at the address 4-t, second floor, Lawrence road, LA

Monthly rental charge: $1000

Terms and conditions of contract:

  • The OWNER agrees to transfer the property in a neat and clean manner and the RENTER must hand back over the property in the same state.
  • The RENTER shall be responsible for maintaining the property during the term of the contract.



Henry Black

Robert Patrick

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