A free maintenance contract is a formally drafted document which is framed when two or more than two parties agree to get into an agreement through which one of the parties assigns the task of maintenance of a property or any other asset to the other by paying it a certain amount of pre decided payment. These contracts are available for free on the internet and are hence termed as free maintenance contracts. Given below is a sample of a free maintenance contract which can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Sample free maintenance contract:

This maintenance contract has been made effective as on 30th June 2012

This maintenance contract shall remain into effect for a period of 12 months.

This maintenance contract will terminate on 30th June 2013

This maintenance contract is formed by and between Mr. Robert Patrick who is hereby referred to as the COMPANY and Mr. Henry Joseph who is hereby referred to as the MAINTENANCE COMPANY.

The details of both the parties are given as follows:


Contact number: 4747034404

Address: D-78, first floor, Morocco tower, CA


Contact number: 4483023703

Address: A-123, fifth floor, Paulo building, CA

The COMPANY agrees to assign the MAINTENANCE COMPANY for the maintenance works of the office belonging to the COMPANY in its absence from the state or country.

Terms and conditions:

  • The MAINTENANCE COMPANY agrees to maintain and manage the office for 12 months as and when required by the COMPANY.
  •  The COMPANY shall pay an amount of $2000 each month to the MAINTENANCE COMPANY.


Robert Patrick

Henry Joseph

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  1. Tahira says:

    This is a great idea. I think more people sluohd implement this. Rather than seeing a site down and just turning away, this way people might actually stick around in the hopes that the site will soon be back up.

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