Whenever an individual or an organization referred to as the lessee takes the property owned by another individual or organization on lease a legal document is drafted which is known as a lease contract. There are few terms and conditions mentioned in the contract that the lessee has to accept in order to make the contract valid. A free lease contract acts a sample for drafting such contracts and can be used as per requirements.

Sample Free Lease Contract

Free lease contract number: FLE 34

Effective date of contract: 20th of November 2011

This Free Lease contract has been drafted and entered into between Henry Cooper hereinafter referred to as the “lessor” with postal address at 23 Rocky Mountain Street, New York, New Jersey and John Woo hereinafter referred to as the “lessee” with postal address at 12 Hilly Road, New York, New Jersey.

The lessor desires to lease the property owned by him to the lessee at the below mentioned address:

4 High End Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Both the parties need to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The lease period will begin from 25th of November 2011 and end on 24th of November 2013. The contract expiry date can be extended but after approval of both the parties.
  2. The lessee will pay monthly rent of $2000.
  3. The lessee has to ensure the upkeep of the property and has to assure that no damage is caused.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions, find the signature of both the parties mentioned below.

Signature of lessor:                                                                           Signature of lessee:

Henry Cooper                                                                            John Woo

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