A free investment contract is a document which is signed by two or more entities which are entering an investment arrangement. One of the involved parties is making an investment of a mentioned amount with the other party. The contract given here is a sample of a free investment contract i.e. a contract which can freely be used by anyone who needs to frame an investment contract for their personal use.

Sample Free Investment Contract

The contract has been prepared by and is being entered between Ms. Kelly Lawson Geller and Mr. James Crawford as on the 25th February, 2012.

This contract certifies that Ms. Kelly Lawson Geller is making an investment with Mr. James Crawford, for an investment fund which will be used for creation of a diverse investment portfolio.

Amount invested: $5 million

Date of making the investment: 25th February 2012

Details of the Investment Collaborator:

Authorized Personnel: Mr. James Crawford

Contact No.: 821-86-086

Official Address: 65 and 4th, St. Victorian Square, New York, USA

Details of the Investor:

Name: Ms. Kelly Lawson Geller

Correspondence Address: House No. 5, Bella Rosa Lane, USA.

Contact No.: 821-73-848

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The investor must be paid interest on a quarterly basis. All the interest accrued must be paid latest by the last day of last month of every quarter.
  2. The interest rate to be incorporated is 8% per annum.
  3. The investor is required to provide an advance notice of 20 days, whenever they wish to withdraw from the investment fund.


_____________________ (Ms. Kelly Lawson Geller)

_____________________ (Mr. James Crawford)

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