A free international contract refers to the sort of contracts which are provided so as to be used by anyone in need of framing a similar contract free of charge. An international contract on other hand refers to the contract which is signed between two or more entities across borders. The sample free international contract presented below is a contract between a corporate buyer and a seller located in different countries.

Sample Free International Contract

The contract is being prepared by and is being signed between M/s Johnson Silks Ltd and M/s Jenny Fabrics Ltd. as on the 25th of February 2012.

The contract states that M/s Johnson Silks Ltd has agreed to supply the specified amounts of the fabrics to M/s Jenny Fabrics Ltd. as on 17th March 2012.

Order Details:

Fabric no. 31273: 11 units

Fabric no. 4092: 25 units

Fabric no. 36887: 5 units

Details of the Supplier:

Official Name: M/s Johnson Silks Ltd

Authorized personnel: Ms. Halley Geller

Position: Chief Sales Manager

Contact No.: 0120-978-74-834

Location: New Jersey, USA.

Details of Buyer:

Official Name: M/s Jenny Fabrics Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Ronny Jackson

Job Position: Chief Purchase Manger

Contact No.: 0340-89-47-494

Location: Munich, Germany.

Terms of the Contract:

  1. The piece rate is as per the mutual negotiation between the involved parties.
  2. The arrangement of the timely and safe delivery of the material is the sole responsibility of the seller.
  3. A part of the payment has been made. The rest of payment will be made once the delivery is made and the buyer is satisfied.


_____________________________ (Ms. Halley Geller)

_____________________________ (Mr. Ronny Jackson)



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