A free export contract is a contract sample which is prepared and presented to be freely used by anyone in need of framing an export contract. The export contract refers to an agreement between two or more entities; and one of the entities is required to export certain commodity to the other entity. Given below is a sample.

Sample Free Export Contract

The contract is being entered by two parties namely, M/s Halley Arts Pvt. Ltd. and Othello Galleries Ltd. as on the 2nd May 2012

The contracts states, the art gallery by the name Othello Galleries Ltd. has rendered the services of M/s Halley Arts Pvt. Ltd. for exporting art pieces to the gallery. The exporter has also agreed to meet the delivery deadline requested by the buyer.

The Date by which the order must be delivered: 21st April, 2012

Details of the Art Exporter:

Official Name: M/s Halley Arts Pvt. Ltd.

Name of signatory: Mrs. Annie Gilbert

Designation: Manager

Contact No.: 959-02-450-934

Correspondence Address: 6th and 3rd, Hansen Lane, London, UK.

Details of the Buyer:

Official Name: Othello Galleries Ltd.

Name of signatory: Mr. Steve Roderick

Designation: Manager

Address: B-2, Park Avenue, New York, United States of America

Contact No.: 753-487-698

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The exporter is responsible for safe dispatch of the pieces. They are responsible until the gallery representatives receive the pieces on the boundary of the delivery mode.
  2. Once the pieces are received and claimed to be as per specifications, the buyer is required to make immediate payments to the exporter.

Signatures of the parties:

________________________________ (Mrs. Annie Gilbert)

________________________________ (Mr. Steve Roderick)

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