A free development contract is a formally drafted document which is made between two parties where one of them is a developer of some kind and the other is a client or a customer who agrees to pay a certain amount of money so as to get a certain thing, object or entity developed by the developer. These contracts consist of various terms and conditions which are mutually decided amongst the parties. Since these contracts are available for free of cost these are referred to as free development contract. Given below is a sample.

Sample Free Development Contract:

This contract has been entered into on the effective date 6th march 2012

This contract is made between

Mr. Greg Donalds who is hereafter known as the OWNER and resides at the address r-8, first floor, F tower, LA


Mr. Fredrick Banks who is hereafter known as the DEVELOPER of the website and resides at 45-k, Mathew lanes, LA

Details of OWNER:

Phone: 483734094004

Email: greg12@hotmail.com

Details of DEVELOPER

Phone: 430749704904

Email: banks2012@yahoo.com

Details of the website

Name: www.androidapplications.com

This website is related to the new and popular android applications.

The website development work shall be completed in 2 months from effective date

The following are the terms and conditions which are to be fulfilled by the parties:

  • Payment details:

OWNER must pay an amount of $2000 for the initial development of the website.

  • This contract makes the OWNER obliged to provide the DEVELOPER all support and help required for the development of the website.
  • The DEVELOPER is suppose to work according to the discussion between the parties.


Greg Donalds

Fredrick Banks

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