A COO or a Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the daily operation of a company. The COO employment contract mentions the job description of a COO that talks about the everyday jobs and responsibilities of working. This contract also lays down the terms and conditions which are agreed by employer as well as employee.

Sample COO Employment Contract

Contract number of employment: F56

Contract beginning date: 20th October, 2010

This contract is a legal document which is official and mentions the manner in which the employee, Mr. Mark Watson who has been hired as the COO for Jell Corporation needs to carry out his task.

Residence of the employee:

Address: 5163 Aspen street,

Los Angeles, CA 90044

Phone no: 2345-6589


Location of the employer’s office:

Address:2345 West bridge road,

Los Angeles, CA 90060.

Phone: 6942-4527

The employment contract is valid from 20th October,2010 and ends on 19th October,2012.

The rules and regulations to be followed by the employee are as follows:

(a)Scheduled total working hours: The COO is scheduled to a total working hours of nine hours daily, five days a week.  Exceeding that is at the discretion of the COO

(b)Remuneration: The employee will receive a remuneration of one million dollars annually and the payment will be made on a monthly basis.

(c) Reimbursement: The CEO will get reimbursement of the necessary business expenses incurred by him.

(d)The COO can cancel his agreement at any point during his tenure, prior to which he needs to serve a notice period of one month

(e)No changes can be made to the contract unless both the parties agree in writing and also put their signature.

The signatures of both the parties are put below as they have agreed to the above mentioned terms:

Mark watson


Jeremy White

(Board President)

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