A free contractor contract is a commitment between the property owner and the contractor in order to hire the construction services to renovate, reconstruct and rebuild the house and official building (s).

Sample Free Contractor Contract

Contract Number:  129- H

Contractor TIN Number:  BB6970

This contract is made on October 12th, 2010 by & between Parkway Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter called the employer and Woodland Association Ltd, hereinafter called the employee organization.

As per the requirement, underneath mentioned are the Articles concerned with this Contract, agreed by the employer & the employee organization:

Article 1: Scope of Assigned Work:

The employee organization is responsible for placing the products on leading retail outlets. The employee organization will be responsible for submitting quarterly and the final annual report to the employer management.

Article2: Time of Completion:

Hereby, this contract is valid from October 20th, 2010 to October 2013. The contract can be renewed only if the performance during the tenure is found more than satisfactory.

Article 3: Fees of Contract:

The total payment of contract is mentioned as following break- up:

Fee of the Solicitor: $ 3500

Processing Fee: $ 90

Documentation charges:  $ 100

Total Amount to be bearded by both the parties: $ 3690

Article 4: General Provision:

(a)During this contract tenure, the employee organization is not allowed to disclose and share any confidential information and products specifications with the third party.

(b)If the performance of the employee organization is measured below the satisfactory level during the commitment or if any violation occurred to the mentioned terms, this contract will be considered cancelled.

(c) The employer organization will make half of the amount in advance as initial payment and the rest payment will be done after completing the contract.

Hence, both the parties are requested to sign the contract in order to initiate the project:

Signature of the Authorized Person (Employer):                         Designation:

Tim Hudson                                                                                                       C.E.O

Signature of the Concerned Person: (employee organization)            Designation:

Rick Belzberg                                                                                      General Manager

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