A free consulting contract is a consulting contract which is available for reference purpose on the internet or otherwise, free of cost. Any such contract is made by two parties, one of which is the consultancy company which offers to provide services to a client in return for a pre decided sum of money. These contracts are legally binding in nature and have many terms and conditions which are mutually decided amongst the parties. Given below is one such sample.

Sample Free Consulting Contract:

This contract has been made as on 7th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 7th May 2013

This contract has been made by and between:


Name: Herald consultancy services

Director name: Herald Brown

Official address: 90-j, j block, east Middleton road, London

Number: 472094270944



Name: Mr. Peter Samuels

Official address: G-78, first floor, Porto square tower, London

Number: 49347304040

Details of contract:

This contract directs CONSULTANCY COMPANY to provide legal advisory services to CLIENT for 12 months.

Payment: $2000 for 12 months equally divided

Terms and conditions:

  • The CONSULTANCY COMPANY must be present in the office of the CLIENT whenever required by the CLIENT.
  • The CLIENT must pay the amount due each month within the first week.
  • The CLIENT must disclose all business related details to the CONSULTANCY COMPANY so that it can provide unbiased consultancy to the CLIENT.
  • The contract will terminate if any of the parties fail to abide by these terms and conditions.

Signatures of the parties:

Herald Brown

Peter Samuels

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