A free construction contract is a document made between a contractor and the client who wants to avail the services. This contract may consist of information regarding the client, payment details and the rights and responsibilities of both the parties.

Sample Free Construction Contract:

George construction group called the CONTRACTOR agrees to carry out the construction of Troy general store called the CLIENT.

Client details:

Name: Mr. Greg White (managing director)

Address of site: T-8, Downhill lane, LA

Phone: 445670938209

Site Details:

Area: 1000 esq.

Payment details:

Total amount: $3000

Payment mode: credit card

Payment to be divided into 3 parts.  First part to be paid one week before the commencement of construction.  Second part to be paid mid-way and the third part to be paid at the end of the construction work.

The construction work shall begin on 1’St November, 2010 and the time for completion is estimated to be 8 months.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The client shall employ only George construction group for the construction of the general store. If found to hire any other company or individuals, George group will have a right to demand the covering cost.
  2. The contractor shall complete the work as per schedule and give the best output possible.
  3. The contractor shall arrange labor, materials, machinery and tools himself and will be responsible for loss or damage to the same.
  4. The contractor should ensure the safety of the laborers and shall get all the workers insured to avoid complications in case of death and injury on the site.


Greg White            George Ted

(Troy Stores)         (George Constructions)


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    Kindly send me a free contract template

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