A free confidentiality contract is a contract which is available for free and is specifically a contract whose details remain confidential and are not disclosed to any other party or person other than the involved parties. These contracts consist of certain terms and conditions which are legally binding in nature for the parties.

Sample Free Confidentiality Contract:

This contract is made between OWNER and the PURCHASER.

This contract is made effective on the date: 4th May 2012

The following are the details of both the parties

Details of the OWNER

Name: Mr. Tom White

Address: 23-i Horse shoe enclave, London

Phone: 47893490304

Details of the PURCHASER

Name: Mr. Tony Brown

Address: W-34, second floor, Mark tower, London

Phone: 4788409404004

Address of land: 10-H, Thomas area land, London

Area of land: 500 acres

Cost of land: $3000

The cost of the land must be paid two weeks in advance of the possession. The entire cost has to be paid as down payment.

Possession date: 2nd June 2012

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract which have to be followed by both the parties:

  • The OWNER agrees to sell the above described land to the PURCHASER in return for the mentioned amount to be paid as down payment.
  • The PURCHASER agrees to make the entire payment before the possession date or would be made to face legal implications.
  • The terms and details of the contract must be kept confidential by the parties involved.
  • The PURCHASER cannot sell or lease the land to a third party for at least 6 months after the date of possession.


Tom White

Tony Brown

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