CFO or the Chief Financial Officer is the corporate officer responsible for managing the financial risk of the corporation. The CFO employment contract is made to mark out the responsibilities of the employee appointed in that designation.

The contract also serves as a documentary evidence to avoid any misunderstanding arising between the CFO and the company in future.

Sample CFO Employment Contract

Contract number of employment: C-34

Contract beginning date: 20th October, 2010

This contract is a legal document which is official and mentions the manner in which the employee, Mr. James White who has been hired as the CFO for Zen Corporation Ltd. needs to carry out his task.

Residence of the employee:

Address: 524 Aspen street,

Los Angeles, CA 90085

Phone no: 2325-6536


Location of the employer’s office:

Address: 671 West bridge road,

Los Angeles, CA 90072.

Phone: 6542-4564

The employment contract is valid from 20th October, 2010 and ends on 19th October, 2012.

Below mentioned are the working rules and regulations which the employee needs to follow:

(a)The employee will be in charge of the finance department.

(b)Duties: The specific duties of the employee will be as per Chief Financial Officers Act, enacted in 1990. The company may reassess the duties of the employee after a certain period. The employee needs to perform these duties meticulously and with great aptitude. The employee should devote his time to the welfare of the company.

(c) Salary: The gross salary will be six hundred thousand dollars annually, paid on a monthly basis. The salary will be revised every second quarter.

(d)Duration of employment: The employee will be a part of the company till he is terminated by the employer but a proper notice will be served to him before termination.

The signatures of both the parties are put below as they have agreed to the above mentioned terms:

John Hanks

(Board President)

James White


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