A CEO or the Chief Executive Officer is the person who oversees the overall administration of the company. The CEO employment contract serves an evidence that the certain individual has been appointed in that designation.

The contract also mentions the limitations of the CEO’s role and the remuneration that he will receive.

Sample CEO Employment Contract

Contract number of employment: B-26

Contract beginning date: 20th October, 2010

This contract is a legal document which is official and mentions the manner in which the employee, Mr. Shane Marsh who has been hired as the CEO of Roy Manufacturers needs to carry out his task.

Residence of the employee:

Address: 6789 Napean street,

Los Angeles, CA 90056

Phone no: 2345-6535


Location of the employer’s office:

Address:482 West bridge road,

Los Angeles, CA 90076.

Phone: 6942-4582

The employment contract is valid from 20st October,2010 and ends on 19th October,2012.

Below mentioned are the working rules and regulations, that the employee needs to follow:

(a)Weekly employment hours: The CEO has to complete a total working hours of 40 hours every week .

(b)Salary: The employee will receive his salary on a monthly basis and he will be paid two million dollars annually.

(c) Leaves and vacation: The employee can avail a leave of twenty days per year and take a vacation once a year for fourteen days.

(d)Evaluation of performance: The performance of the CEO will be monitored annually and his performance will be calculated on the basis of the goals and objectives achieved by him.

The signatures of both the parties are put below as they have agreed to the above mentioned terms:

Shane Marsh


Jack Nicholson.

(Board President)

On behalf of Roy Manufacturers.


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