A free business contract is an official commitment between the two interested parties in which one acts as the owner or lessor organization and another act as the lessee organization.

Sample Free Business Contract

Business contract Series: 12/ H-13

This business contract is prepared on October 13th, 2010 by and between Ms Nancy Smith from Eagle Entertainers Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter known as the owner company AND Mr. Joan Hilton from Duplex Art Collectors, hereinafter called as the lessee company

This contract is valid from October 26th, 2010 and will terminate on October 26th, 2012.

Term & Conditions:

(a) Responsibilities & Duties:

The lessee company has to take care of the entire work duties to make this franchise assignment successful. The lessee company has to arrange certain concerts and musical programs to advertise the business.

(b) Advertising & Marketing material:

The owner company will provide the full printed marketing and advertisement material through print & electronic media to help the lessee company.

(c) Payment clauses:

The lessee company has to make a registration payment of $ 789 to buy the franchise rights. The lessee company will be paid 50% of the amount in advance and 25% of the total profit after completing the contract.

(d) Termination:

This clause is valid for both the parties. This can be true in case of any violation occurred to the above mentioned term & conditions.

Hereby, both the companies are requested to signature the contract:

Signature of the concerned authority from the owner company:

Debby Gerbil

Signature of the Authority from the lessee company:

Diana Smith

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