A franchise contract is a legal document drafted when an individual takes a franchise of a branded organization that has its chain of outlets. The contract lays out the terms and conditions that the franchise holder has to accept in order to make the contract valid.

Sample Franchise Contract

Franchise contract Number: 45/ CM

This franchise contract is prepared and entered on November 25TH, 2010 between Mr. Andrew Hamilton whose address is 736 Square Road Sunshine Apartment, Up Lake Colony, Ontario, UK referred to as the franchise holder AND Mickey Fried Chicken Group with principal office located at 45 South Hall road, Ottawa, UK is referred to as the franchisor.

Whereas Mickey Fried Chicken Group has agreed to give its franchise to Andrew Hamilton at the below mentioned location:

Shop no. 2, Hawker’s Building

23 London Bridge Road,

Toronto, UK.

Following mentioned are the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties.

  • The franchise holder agrees to pay an amount of two hundred thousand dollars before the contract begins as franchise license fees.
  • The franchise holder also assures that the food prepared at his franchise will be as per the standard recipe of all franchisor outlets and the franchise holder will not give out the secret of the recipe to any competitor of the franchise holder.
  • The franchise holder has to maintain hygiene at his outlet as maintained at all other franchisor outlets.

Find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of franchisee:                                                              Signature of franchisor:

Andrew Hamilton                                                            John Woo

(On behalf of Mickey Fried Chicken Group)

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