A franchise contract template is a ready to use document, which is executed between the franchiser and the franchisee in order to commence the business by signing the licensee commitment. This contract consists of the duties & responsibilities, term & conditions and payment clause, etc.

Sample Franchise Contract Template:

Contract number: _______________ [registration number]

Date: ___/____/___ [registration date]

This _____________ [contract name] is prepared & entered between:

Details of the Franchiser:

Name: ________________

Address: _______________

Contact number: _________

Website: ______________ [provide the contact details]

Hereinafter referred as the franchiser party


Details of the Franchisee:

Name: _______________

Address: _____________

Phone number: ________ [fill the address details]

Hereinafter referred as the franchisee party

Together referred as both the parties

The franchisee party is agreed to the following mentioned obligations to obtain the license for ____________ [type & name of the business] and the franchiser is ready to issue the franchise license.

This contract is effective from ___/___/___ and is terminating on __/___/___ [fill the effective dates]

Covenants & considerations: [term & conditions to obey the contract]

Duties & Obligations:

The franchiser party will provide the necessary initial level marketing material and training to the franchisee party.  The franchisee party will follow the business pattern defined by the franchiser party.

Payment terms:

The franchisee party will pay $ _________ [amount in the local currency] for the registration fee, whereas the total amount spent on the contract preparation will be adjusted by both the parties.

Termination clause:

This contract can get terminated if any unsettled dispute is recorded.

Acceptance of the Franchise contract:

Signed by the Franchiser Party:                                              Signed by the Franchisee Party:

_________________                                                    ____________________ [signature for authentication]

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