A franchise contract format is a document which is prepared for the sole purpose of presenting the structure of a franchise contract. A franchise contract is a contract signed between a company which is branching out its business activities to other entities to operate as franchisees under the same business name, following the standard rules and regulations. A sample of a format of franchise contract has been given below.

Sample Franchise Contract Format

Date of contract signing: ___/ ___/ ____ [dd/ mm/ yy]

This contract is being signed between ___________ and _____________________ [mention the names the franchiser and the franchisee involved in making of the contract].

[This space is used to give the details of the arrangement which has been reached between the involved parties. one can also provide any other relevant information about the deal.]

Details of the Franchiser:

Official Name: ____________________ [official name under which business operates]

Authorized Personnel: ______________ [name of the authorized personnel from franchiser]

Contact No: ______________ [contact no. of the authorized personnel]

[This section is used to give the details of the FRANCHISER]

Details of Caterers:

Business Name: _________________ [business name, if any.]

Authorized personnel: _______________ [name of the authorized personnel on behalf of the franchisee]

Contact No: ________________ [contact number of business/ personnel]

[This section is used to give the details of the FRANCHISEE]

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

[This space is used to specify all the terms which have been set forth by the franchiser for the franchisee to follow. Also mention other terms of the contract and the obligations which are to be followed by both parties.]


_______________________________ [Name and signature of the personnel from the franchiser]

_______________________________ [Name and signature of the authorized personnel from the franchisee]

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