A franchise contract refers to the sort of contract which is signed between two companies/ entities one of whom is a parent company and the other a business enterprise i.e. the franchisee. The contract records all the details of the franchiser and the franchisee. It also mentions the terms which have to be followed by all the involved parties. A sample of a franchise contract is given below.

Sample Franchise Contract Example

Date of contract signing: 1st March 2012

This contract is being signed between King Super Markets Ltd. and M/s Keller and Sons Ltd. as on the above mentioned date.

The contract states that King Super Markets Ltd have agreed to issue a license of running a franchisee to M/s Keller and Sons. The franchisee will be in operation as a branch of the parent company.

Date of issuing the license: 5th March 2012.

Details of the Franchiser:

Official Name: King Super Markets Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Bobby King

Contact No: 724-85-686

Details of Caterers:

Business Name: M/s Keller and Sons Ltd.

Authorized personnel: Mr. Henry Keller

Position: Manager

Contact No: 724-83-748

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The franchisee has agreed to follow all the rules of the parent company and will comply with all the standards set by the parent company.
  2. The parent company reserves the right to annul the license of it finds the franchisee unfit in operating as per the set standard.
  3. The franchisee is required to send quarterly updates to the parent company for management purposes.


_______________________________ [Mr. Bobby King]

_______________________________ [Mr. Henry Keller]

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