A franchise business contract is a legal document drafted when an individual or an organization referred to as franchisee enters into a business relationship with an organization that has a chain of franchise and referred to as the franchisor. These types of contracts include the details of the parties involved, terms and conditions agreed between then and their signatures to approve the contract.

Sample Franchise business contract

Franchise business contract number: FR 23

Effective date of contract: 23rd November 2011

This franchise business contract has been drafted between Wall Mart referred to as the franchisor and Ryan Will referred to as the franchisee.

Details of the franchisor:

Head office address: 12 Long Drive Lane,

New Land, Florida

Telephone number: 567890

E mail id: wall@mail.com

Details of the franchisee:

Legal address: 23 Short Drive Lane,

New Land, Florida

Telephone number: 567765

E mail id: ryan@mail.com

The obligations mentioned in the contract becomes binding since the day this contract goes into effect and after both the parties approve the obligation.

The obligations to be followed are as follows:

a)   The franchise fee in order to procure the franchise license is $ 10000 and this fee will incurred completely by the franchisee.

b)   The franchisee has to agree to the price quotations of the products at par with all the franchise of the franchisor.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above obligations by putting their signature below:

Signature of franchisee:                                                              Signature of franchisor:

Ryan Will                                                                         John Woo

(On behalf of wall Mart)

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